When purpose is clear.

When focus is understood.

When brand strategy is created.

When it’s finally time to communicate, a good logo (graphic mark) is one of the tools used to exemplify the brand message.

Here are six nicely done logos that you may not have seen before (collected on All of these tastefully employ the use of negative space.


WINEFOREST wine bottles stand with trees in the forest.


Catch Me! features a falling person, and a helping hand ready to catch — both in the same graphic.


Airtime pictures a clock with an airplane formed by clock hands.


A big block of cool pink backgrounds Web Girls cursor and dot stick figure in a dress.


Night Golf cleverly incorporates a golfball for its moon design.


And finally, as you look at the Black Cat logo, it looks back with feline eyes.

Negative space can also be used for congruency – see how negative space formed by the words in nav bar mimic bridge shapes in the background. As well as to indicate – notice how it points to about? Something to be aware of and to think about.

The now famous story of the FedEx logo.


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