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#1. Don’t wrap your brand around your product.

Just don’t do it.

See how Starbucks unraveled this and communicated it visually, and hear how they discussed it in 2010.

Read how Dunkin’ Donuts is now struggling with a brand wrapped around a product.

The Wrigley Company’s (purchased by Mars, Inc. in 2008) original products:  baking soda and soap.


#2. Walk your talk.

What you DO is so loud I can barely hear what you are SAYING. (And there are accessories.)

For either benefit or detriment, actions speak louder than words. And further, if actions and words are not congruent, there are very big problems.

This seems straightforward and simple. It even carries a lovely moral weight in which we wholeheartedly align, but, have a look at the brand high-ground purported to customers and see if it carries through to all that you DO, …

workers and guests

…and with everyone.

#3.  ALL of your people are your Brand Ambassadors. 

Walk your talk with Customers, who are the same as Employees, who are the same as Partners, who are the same as Guests.

Everyone means everyone.


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