We suffer a bit over HOW MUCH in agreement we need to be to communicate a strong, cohesive Brand, and when localizing globally is part of branding efforts, things can really get interesting, as well as confusing.

When in doubt, go back to core and extended brand attributes, and make sure all are clearly communicated throughout the Brand no matter where, no matter when, no matter who. If all are absolutely, clearly understood, then the Brand is safe. So ask: 

Do efforts cohere with Brand attributes?  

Further, in the near term, are current objectives being clearly communicated throughout the Brand? Is everyone clear on where the Brand is leading? Is everyone supporting that position? those relationships? Core brand attributes lead extended attributes, which beget positions and relationships which lead objectives, that guide stewardship efforts. So ask: 

Are efforts being made that support or counter (and possibly confuse, and possibly dilute) Brand momentum? position? relationships?

If answers confirm a positively clear message and direction on all parts, a nervousness about “consistency” can overly tighten the Brand’s agility and responsiveness, and can actually create effects that counter Brand attributes and position. Too much consistency can also be boorish, dehumanizing and suffocating.




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